So You Want to Model?

You’ve made the decision that you’d like to try to model, so what’s next??  This blog post is not the definitive list of what to do, but it’s a good start.  You will need to invest serious time and research into finding the right agency for you – and word to the wise – DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Not all model agencies are created equal!  Talk to people who are signed with them, if they won’t give you referrals to speak with – RUN!  Beware of “agents” who contact you offering free photos or videos to help them get their “agency” up and running – they are 99.9% NOT LEGIT and will sell your photos and videos for nefarious purposes.

That being said – there are many more great agencies than bad ones.  Like anything else in life, you will find that you “fit in” better at some than others. 

Think about the type of modeling you’d like to do: Editorial, or Commercial/Lifestyle. 

Modeling these days is not so much about your figure, or what size you wear.  Agencies have needs for all types of body shapes and sizes, so don’t worry so much about being a size 0 or 2.  What you do need to have is great skin and self-confidence!

Okay, now that we’ve covered all of that, let’s talk about building your portfolio. 

You will need to purchase a modeling portfolio book that holds 9×12 images.  There are many options out there, so pick what you like best and what is within your budget. 

The next step is to gather images to use for your portfolio – here’s what you’ll need:

  • Headshots (minimal to no makeup)
  • ¾ length shots (body-conscious clothing is a plus)
  • Full body shots
  • Bathing suit or athletic wear shots (these can be shot in studio or on location)
  • Lifestyle images (think of regular portraits)

Once you have your portfolio assembled, start contacting the agencies that you’d like to work with. 

I have attached some sample images from a model portfolio so you can see some samples.  We wish you the best of luck and if you’d like to schedule a model portfolio shoot with us, please contact me – I’d love to work with you!