Every brand needs a constant supply of scroll-stopping images to use on their social media feed and website. We create beautiful, relevant content that is guaranteed to elevate your brand’s position in the market and help you gain followers and influence.


Personal Brand Photography tells the story of your brand – whether you are a fashion label, a model/influencer, a real estate agent, or an athlete. To be relevant in today’s market, you need a constant supply of fresh, professional images to use on your brand’s social media and website. Ready to learn more?

What it is, who needs it, and why

Personal Brand Photography

Every brand consists of 3-5 main story lines that each show a particular side of the brand. We want to make sure that your story is told in a way that will impact your market, and increase your trust factor with your audience.

We sit down with you to discuss your needs, your vision, define your “stories” and create a customized branding photography package that is right for you.

We spend the time and effort to know your brand’s story from top to bottom 



At Studio West 98, we know that your brand’s needs are unique to you, and that’s why we create customized proposals for every job. We take into consideration the number of images you need, the amount of time you have to spend during the shoot, and the story you are wanting to tell.

We even offer a subscription for brands needing images more than once a year! Choose from quarterly or bi-annual plans to keep your brand in constant supply of amazing images.

Not all brands need the same thing 

Customized proposals for every brand 


While Studio West 98 will retain copyright on all of the images we capture for your brand, you will have full print and editing rights for your files. You receive high-resolution files to be used in any manner needed by your brand. Does your brand have a distinct look? Do you always use a particular filter for your images? Go ahead and make our images fit your brand! We are here to work for YOU!

So you want to add that filter? Do it! 



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